Forest School


We are very fortunate to have a member of staff fully qualified to teach Forest School sessions. Miss Charlotte completed her training in July 2019 and runs our weekly sessions at Nursery School.
As with all of our usual sessions, we go out whatever the weather! Ripe Nursery - Forest School

Miss Charlotte has written this brief introduction to Forest School

‘Forest School falls within the umbrella of ‘outdoor learning’ just like environmental studies or adventure activities. Learning is linked to the EYFS framework. Forest School adopts a flexible approach to leaning which allows for a range of learning styles and provides a safe foundation for children to make their own discoveries.

Children develop a responsible independence and confidence to take considered risks and initiate their own play and learning while developing a range of personal and social skills that equip them for life. Learning outside can help to engage children from all backgrounds and learning styles. It can reduce stress levels, increase concentration and increase interest in learning for many children.

Forest School sits comfortably alongside the ‘outdoor manifesto’. In a recent Good Practice example, Ofsted described Forest School as “thrilling and Inspirational”.

Ripe Nursery - Forest School

I started my Forest School Level 3 training in October 2018, and have now completed my training. I have to say I knew very little of Forest School before I started, however now that I know all about Forest School and all its benefits, I adore it! I truly believe Forest School can help with children’s independence and confidence. 

I absolutely love being outside in all weathers! I am enthusiastic about showing children how to use tools in a safe way and that tools such as knives actually have a real purpose, to help us make things, cook and survive in the outdoor environment.

The best thing about Forest School is sitting in a circle on logs (our base) and chatting to each other, talking about our world, what we see, hear, smell, how to look after our environment, how we live and share our world with plants, animals and all living things, how we need to look after our world and so much more! I am so passionate about Forest School and welcome anyone who wishes to join us and find out more about our Forest School.’

Miss Charlotte

  Ripe Nursery - Forest SchoolRipe Nursery - Forest School